May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

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A Day in the Life.

Every student at the May Center School has unique needs, and our goal is to accommodate those needs within a schedule that is representative of the world around them. We want them to experience everything their typical peers are experiencing while providing them with the individual supports they need to be successful.

Students have individualized goals specific to a curriculum that is challenging yet attainable for them. These goals are are incorporated into their daily schedule. As they progress and grow, so does their schedule.

The following schedule offers a glimpse into a day in the life of a residential student at our school.

   7:00 AM Wake up, breakfast, shower, and dress
   8:15 AM Leave for school
   8:30 AM Arrival at school (morning routines, leisure and play skills)
   9:00 AM Morning meeting
   9:30 AM Academics (IEP Programs and Skill Development)
   10:45 AM

Specials (Art, Music, Adaptive Physical Education, Educational Technology)

   11:30 AM

Lunch (eating programs, table manners, social skills, communication)

   12:00 PM

Academics (IEP Programs, Skill Development, Vocational activities, Self-care skills)

   2:30 PM Dismissal from school
   3:00 PM

IEP Programs, Community activities (grocery shopping, errands, etc.), Leisure skills, and other tasks.

   5:30 PM Dinner preparation
   7:00 PM Free time
   8:00 PM Bedtime routines (Self-care skills)
   8:30 – 10 PM Bedtime (varies by age)