May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

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Community Involvement.

At the May Center School, we want all of our students to be able to experience and participate in the many opportunities the world around them has to offer.

We work to build the skills our students need to participate in community-based activities. These activities help them learn about the community and provide them with opportunities to obtain and practice important life skills. Our students participate in a variety of community activities throughout the week to work on IEP objectives such as shopping, ordering food, banking, going to the library, or just to experience being productive members of their community.

In addition, students have opportunities to experience various recreational outings such as trips to the mall, movies, and restaurants, as well as visiting museums or attending sporting events.

Students are supervised at all times during community outings. We focus on teaching them necessary safety precautions such as crossing the street, staying with the group, and waiting in line. Community outings give them many opportunities to generalize social skills and increase independence.