May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

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Art Gallery.

Art Class Project: Summertime.

We used basic drawing materials to focus on Narrative - how we can communicate information in a picture. 

Students came up with elements that represent summer (sun, fishing, trees, animals, being outside, etc.) and worked out how to draw them with known symbols, or devising symbols out of basic shapes. Or they used colors to communicate summer - which color would show warm, the sun, water, or flowers? 

Throughout the process, they were building fine motor skills and use of drawing materials as practical tools.

Someone fishing from a boat. Notice the artist recognized the sky, water, and depicted life in the water.

The colors of summer - a vibrant expression of the weather, light and temperature.

What temperature is this person feeling? What other elements of summer can you find?


Art Class Project: Observational Drawings.

We brought branches with leaves into the room. We carefully examined each, pointing out the different shapes, textures, and colors in the branches and leaves to practice our observational skills. 

We experimented with drawing materials to see if we could recreate some of the shapes and textures with chalk pastels on black paper.


Can you see the texture of leaves in this drawing?

Can you see that this student drew different types of trees based on the branches?

There were several types of leaves to represent.

On the left you can see the full tree, then the individual branch and leaves, and finally the full leaf as the progression of observation.

Texture take all forms and each "feels" different.