May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities

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Once Accepted, What to Expect Next.

We will schedule an intake meeting with your family to take place shortly before your child begins in our school. This provides an opportunity for your family to meet with the Family Services Coordinator, Clinical Director, and educational staff. We encourage you to share questions, concerns, and information with our team, and to discuss specific ways that we can support your child and family.

On the Day of Admission

If your child will be a moving into one of our community-based homes, your family will have the opportunity to visit the residence, unpack, and set up his or her room. We encourage you to bring any of your child’s personal belongings that are familiar and comforting, and to decorate the room so it reflects your child’s interests and personality.

We will work diligently to address your needs and concerns before, during, and after the move. We strive to make our residences feel warm and inviting and we want the students to feel like their residence is truly a home-away-from-home.

After your child’s first day at school, a member of our educational staff will call you to provide an update on his or her first day.

After Admission

We understand how crucial it is to have open communication between your family and our staff. We encourage you to contact your child’s teachers and/or staff at any time with questions. We will provide ongoing communication on your child’s progress and recap daily activities so you are aware of what goes on throughout the day.

Families of day students can expect daily communication with the classroom teacher via the daily home log, and weekly communication via emails, phone calls, and/or direct conferences.

Families of residential students can expect weekly contact with the residential staff for updates. We encourage you to have as much communication with your child as you desire. You can call, email, Skype, or visit your child’s home as often as you like. We have an open-door policy – you are always welcome to pick up your child for anything from an afternoon trip to the beach to a week-long vacation with family. We do ask for as much advanced notice as possible so we can help prepare your son or daughter for the transition.

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